from 1890 to this day & age where the bride is the most discerning, we constantly ask ourselves the question – ‘what does a bride consider when choosing her wedding dress?’  we have successfully managed to bring together a collection of fine wedding dresses & bridal wear to malta from renowned manufacturers from various countries using our experience, knowledge & tastes.

we believe that a beautiful wedding dress is the result of a combination of good quality fabrics, design & a high standard of dressmaking techniques.

only the best form part of our bridal collections available at our rabat outlet in malta.

our bridal collections offer quality right down to the last stitch. members of our experienced design team, which includes professional dressmakers & seamstresses attend training courses organised by our suppliers so as to achieve the highest professional standards possible. our secret to success & satisfaction lies in a combination of factors, but above all quality fabrics, combined with all our experience & expertise in bridal fashion in malta & internationally.

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