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andrew diacono

andrew diacono has established himself as one of malta’s best known & most sought after sculptors. andrew was born in 1958 & cites his father victor, a well-respected sculptor in his own right, as his earliest influence. his other great influence is the french satirist honoré daumier. very much like daumier, andrew is a master at distorting his figures, but the similitude with the french master seems to stop there. 

andrew’s line up of bits & pieces of humanity is a markedly more tragic one reflecting man’s estranged, alienated, & often absurd existence; a panoply of mostly lone figures going about their business in an automated, dispassionate & disenchanted way. & then there’s the absurd anatomy – impossibly huge men balanced on matchstick legs, the awkward looking reader who holds a dainty book in his large clumsy hands, the suited businessman riding an unlikely bicycle to nowhere.

although andrew has always painted his sculptures, his move into proper painting on canvas is a more recent one. interestingly the paintings show an overall lighter mood, “my softer, more feminine side” andrew jokes. the mood in these canvases does in fact border on the joyful & frivolous and feminine figures are more prominent too with a number of mother & child variations, a theme which appears to be a recurring one with the artist.

andrew has participated in numerous exhibitions both in malta and elsewhere but he cites two major shows at the national museum & the casino maltese, both with fellow artist debbie caruana dingli, as his most successful both in terms of the works shown & the manner the works were received. 

text by steve bonello (2015) “the artists studio- andrew diacono” retrieved from