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kenneth zammit tabona

kenneth zammit tabona is one of malta’s best known visual artists & illustrators. he is also a popular columnist & reviews music, literature & drama.

'i had long shied away from the hazards & pitfalls of al fresco work. i had tried it once & got utterly bored on my own & therefore never bothered about it till one of my artist friends asked me to paint in gozo. it was a disaster as it was one of the worst siroccos i have ever experienced & despite the merits of 'wet on wet' there are indeed limits to that! it must be said however that i was well & truly hooked and have been going out with an ever increasing circle of artists & painting in various locations. the style has to be fast & inventive and must capture the spirit of the place rather than the precise physiognomy & topography; we will leave that to the photographers! one of my greatest inspirations is the late lamented giuseppe arcidiacono who i admired tremendously & whose boldness i timidly try to emulate!'

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