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cire trudon

founded in 1643, maison de cire trudon is notable as the oldest wax-producing factory worldwide, brought to malta by camilleriparismode. it was the provider of the royal court of louis xiv, as well as most of the great churches of france.

maison trudon still keep records of recipe & tools of wax whitening: wrought iron, 17th century pans. the moulds used to form candles bearing the royal blazons still remain & read “cierge paschal pour la chapelle du roy à versailles, bougies de nuit pour le roy”… translating as “easter candle church for the royal chapel in versailles, night candle for the king”

trudon supplied the versailles castle until the end of the monarchy. during his captivity, louis xvi used the candles of his royal wax manufacturer. the blazon &the motto would be hidden under a layer of mortar to avoid the furies of the revolution. it is still today the candle provider of many churches, like saint-roch church in paris, which has burned their candles since 1643.

in 2007, the company took on the name “cire trudon” & became specialists in the art of making scented candles. today it enlists well-known “noses” to create perfumes for the stories it wishes to tell. each candle is still dripped & made by hand, perpetuating a luxury manufacturing which helps perpetuates the skills of its founder, claude trudon.