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the story of fornasetti begins with piero fornasetti (1913 - 1988) who was an italian painter, sculptor, interior decorator & engraver.

he spent most of his life in milan but went to switzerland for three years in 1943 during the second world war. he created more than 11,000 items featuring the face of a woman which he had found on a 19th century magazine- her name was lina cavalieri. when asked what inspired him to create so many variations on the face of a woman he replied “i don’t know- i began to make them & I never stopped.” lina cavaliere’s face would become the emblem for fornasetti making piero’s designs famous worldwide. the “tema e variazioni” (theme and variation) plate series based on cavalieri's face numbered more than 350.

other common features in his work include heavy use of black & white, the sun and time. his style is reminiscent of greek & roman architecture, by which he was heavily influenced.

his son, barnaba fornasetti, continues to design in his father's name. the range includes a beautiful collection of candles, diffusers & room sprays- all adorning signature fornasetti designs, brought to malta by camilleriparismode.