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acqua di parma

acqua di parma embodies an all-italian style, evoking its origins & unmistakeable sophistication, exquisite craftsmanship coupled with materials of exquisite quality, brought to malta by camilleriparismode. ever more desirably, acqua di parma is a modern classic, remaining true to its timeless italian heritage. acqua di parma products are made with the same dedication & expertise that earned them their initial success. their perfumes and beauty products are made with the most prestigious essences & extracts.

the iconic bottle, with its pure, art deco-inspired lines, is made by hand by master glassmakers & still has the sophisticated black stopper made of bakelite, the material used to make the controls on radios in the early 20th century. products are still put together by hand. the stylish cylindrical boxes – the unmistakeable acqua di parma "hatboxes" - are made by artisans & hand-embossed with the historic parma royal seal. the paper still features in the signature parma yellow, the colour that has characterised the façades of the city's most elegant buildings since the 18th century.