About us

For over a century

the camilleri family has retailed the finest fabrics, homeware, furniture, perfumery & more. our continuous quest for beauty & complete loyalty to our lovely customers has allowed us to grow exponentially, starting from offering dress fabric in one shop in valletta, to an ever-growing repertoire of luxurious products & services spanning over three shops.

About us

where it all began

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About us

that little bit out of the ordinary.

discover our three shops. from the hub of it all, our rabat outlet. three stories ranging from our design & projects office, to our furniture, paint, fashion & INTERIOR FABRIC DEPARTMENT, & MUCH MORE. OUR SLIEMA OUTLET IS OUR CHARMING LITTLE SPAcE FILLED WITH PERFUMERY, SMALLER DECOR PIECES & GIFTWARE. our third shop is our online platform, with our smaller selection of items.