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camilleriparismode projects studio

Design & Projects Temporary Set-up
from left: tatyana mangani, silvia buriani, paul camilleri, dawn fearne and miguel calleja. Photo by Chris Sant Fournier for PLACES magazine

twelve years ago, the camilleriparismde projects studio was set up to offer boutique interior design services; since then, it has evolved into a select team of creative professionals who specialise in meticulously curated projects.

from architectural conception to structural and interior design, the studio excels in the rehabilitation of historic buildings: combining the detailed study of given site parameters, with their client’s requirements, and the respect for space and context incorporated with today’s comfort and technology.

the studio takes pride in ensuring their projects are timeless as well as complementary to the age and architectural style of any build. in 2021, the studio received the Malta architecture and spatial planning (MASP) award for the category of ‘rehabilitation and conservation’.

the cpm projects studio operates as a satellite of camilleriparismode, sharing some of its resources, expertise, and a love for all things beautiful. 



the cpm projects studio comprises:

• paul camilleri  – co-founder & manager, creative director of the studio;

• silvia buriani – graduated in architecture in 1999, facolta’ di architettura di ferrara, italy : co-founder & senior architect / interior and furniture design;

• tatyana Mangani – graduated in interior design in 2006, moscow open social university, moscow : interior architect & 3D guru;

• miguel calleja – graduated in interior architecture and product design, 2014 : project manager / interior designer;

• dawn fearne – graduated in engineering and architecture, 2014 : perit (warranted architect and civil engineer, 2017) & interior designer.


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